To help you start your new year on a positive note and help kick start your new year’s health resolution, Function Force are launching our first ever New Year’s Resolution Fitness Challenge!

The challenges are all about cardio and fat burning to help shed the excess kilos put on during the Christmas period and improve fitness. The Six and Eight week challenges start in the second week of January for Group One and the third week for Group Two . Our Cardio Challenges cater to runners and non-runners.

Runners and Boxing Challenge


Running and boxing are a great way to improve cardio and burn fat. Our Running program includes group running sessions with coaching and supervision as well as a techinque based session to help teach people how to run properly avoid injury. Suitable for anyone planning how running a marathon or fun runs. Our Running is taught by a former middle distance runner Craig Moir.

The boxing component of our Challenge is taught by a fighting boxer who is constantly in training for fights and knows what it takes to have to drop a few kilos to stay within his weight decision. We teach technique for those who have not done any boxing and focus on cardio for those with a little bit more experience.

Running and Boxing

Monday (6.30 – 7.30) Boxing Cardio
Wednesday (5.30 – 6.15) Function Force Group Run (45 mins Run) + 1 hr Boxing Cardio
Friday 6.15 – 7.15 am Boxing
Saturday 9.00 am Running Technique

Kettlebell And Boxing Challenge

Our Kettlebells and Boxing Challenge are designed to offer an intense cardio work out which also improve strength, conditioning, muscle tone, flexibility, and agility.

This is specifically for people who don’t want to run and who may also have issues with their knees and suffer from sore joints but still want to get a good cardio work out.

Monday and Wednesdays Kettlebells (5.45 pm – 6.30) Cardio and Conditioning + Boxing Cardio (6.30 – 7.15)
Friday 6.15 – 7.15 am Boxing

Saturday 9.00 -10.00 Kettlebells and/or Circuit (10.00 – 11.00) pm)

Challenge Duration

Sign up for six or eight Weeks

Start on either 9th of January or 16th January

Challenge members can also take advantage of other Function Force classes (see our timetable)
Nutritional Consultation Included.


$300 For 6 Weeks
$400.00 For 8 Weeks
Call Or Email for more information 0401 364 474, craigFunction Force Training