Over the next few weeks we will be reviewing popular diet fads.

Our first is the Paleo-diets that’s been gracing the cover of those very intelligent and well researched lifestyle magazines.

What’s it all about?

Going back in time and eating the way cave people ate and before the invention of the microwave, fast foods, and of course modern farming practices.

Cavemen diet takes you back to the good o’l days when you ate fruit straight from the tree like Adam and Eve, instead of the vegetable section of your local super market after it’s travelled a thousand miles and has probably been siting in a modified atmosphere and gassed with CO2 to prevent the ripening process before being polished and sprayed with a wax for your consumption.

Back then, you may have had to share your fruit with several insects and bacteria which now wont touch your favorite fruit. And now it just sits there in the fruit bowl if you can’t get yourself to eat it because for whatever reason it’s hardly got a smell to appetise you.

The real cavemen diet as researched by nutritionist scientist is really high in everything, including the f-word (fat) and the C or K word (calories or kilojoules).

But there’s a growing celebrity following for what some people have decided to describe as a fairly restrictive diet because it cuts out the other C word (carbs) which includes popular favorites breads, cakes, pasta (all made of wheat), that are also frequently accompanied by sugar and lots of it!

So.. What do we think of this paleo diet business…. Well done well…by that I mean not taken out of contest and followed to the recommendations of the initial researchers that might have started and revived the previously similar cavemen diet to the paleo diet it, has it’s merits and features a lot of protein (2.5g/kg/d). This is double the recommended intake of most western diet.

Paleos also ate at least 30 gms of fibre (they still do in some parts of the third world) and ate a 20 – 25% of fat from animals because of the consumption of game meat. Their cholesterol was as high as what is recommended today but their fat intake was counter balanced by their fibre consumption so likelihood of heart attaches and obesity was reduced.

Paleos also ate as much carbs as today. So all those of you wanting to go on a paleo diet do not avoid carbs! That’s not the point of the paleo diet. The difference is that your carbs need to come from fruits and vegetables (back to those darned supermarket gassed CO2 that I’m so seriously struggling to swallow).

Yes Paleos didn’t eat any wheat then and most modern Paleos like to avoid wheat but we don’t think that’s really necessary. Whole wheats and grains never hurt anyone and I think that had the paleos had access to wheat grains they probably would have eaten them.

If you’re thinking of going Paleo, avoid processed carbs but include whole grains and tubers.

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