The gym

Function Force was established specifically in reaction to the trends we observed in the modern day fitness industry. The principals that guide our training philosophy are also on show in the physical environment of the gym that we’ve created.

We have stripped back to the bare basics of movements with no TVs, computerised machines, x-trainers, or steppers. Just good old fashioned hard work with a strong focus on technique and control.

What we have

  • open plan, large cushioned mat
  • lifting platforms
  • dumbbells to 50kgs
  • squat rack
  • climbing wall
  • Olympic rings
  • tyres
  • huge range of Kettlebells
  • treatment room

What we DON’T have

  • TVs
  • treadmills
  • computerised machines
  • any other sort of machines
  • x-trainers
  • steppers

Kettlebells - Function Force gym

Some questions we get asked…

I'm used to seeing machines in gyms. Why don't you have any?
Machines inherently isolate muscles, rather than allowing a range of muscle groups to work together holistically. That’s why we only use free weights.
So why are free weights so good?
Okay, consider using a benchpress machine compared to pressing two dumbells, one in each hand. The weight on the machine can only move either up or down, so you can only push it through one plane, then lower it. If you’re using free weights you still have to push them up and guide them down, but you also have to stop them moving from side to side, as well as preventing them from dropping towards either your head or feet. That brings many more muscles into play and helps build more strength holistically. And don’t worry, if your arms get a bit shaky, we’ll be there to catch the weights!
Why can't I just come to the gym and work out? Why is everything based around classes?
Our entire aim is to help you improve and reach your goals. Too many people just go to the gym and go through the motions, don’t shed their bad habits, see no improvement and eventually stop training altogether. Our class-based model allows us to keep an eye on you, make sure you’re doing things correctly and ensure that you’re working towards your goals. Effectively, you’re getting the benefit of small-group personal training with the cost of gym membership.
What's the idea behind working in the gym barefoot?
Many training shoes are thick-soled and oversupported, and thus reduce proprioception, which is the body’s ability to orient itself in space or through movement. Training barefoot gives us the best chance to boost proprioception as well as building strength in the small stablising muscles in our feet and lower legs that are vital for balance.
Isn't this just another trend?
It’s a return to the basics that have underpinned physical training for decades. The advent of machines and other technology in training is a relatively recent phenomenon that has obscured the fundamentals and allowed physical training to become a ‘leisure’ activity that promotes a recreational approach, and removes the focus from making actual improvements to fitness and conditioning.

What is functional training?

Functional training is an approach that involves a large group of muscles working at once for a given task. This teaches the body to work efficiently with compounded movements, and builds strength and fitness holistically.

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The camaraderie is fantastic. Craig and the other trainers really care about my success. I especially like the training philosophy (the functional exercise aspect) and the equipment.

Shanyn, Brunswick

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