Tips For The Perfect Swing Double Handed Swing Kettlebell Swing

• Start off in a deadlift position bending at the hip with soft knees.
• Your arms should be straight but loose and should stay straight throughout the performance of the exercise. The power to swing the kettlebells is generated from the hips and not pulled from the shoulders.

Kettlebell tips

• Keep the head up
• Back should be straight and no curvature in the spin
• Glutes and hamstrings should be engaged
• Heels and fit should be remain on the ground

Common Mistakes Made in the Kettlebell Swing

• Squating instead of swinging
• Curving the back when swinging
• Arching the back swinging

How Heavy Should I Go?

Kettlebells are available in a range of weights starting from 4kgs to about 48kgs.
The weight you will use depends on your fitness and strength levels and the type of exercise being performed.
The classic kettlebell swing probably uses the heaviest weight. Although beginners generally want to use really light weights when they are starting, it’s necessary to have a kettlebell that’s heavy enough to engage your hamstrings and glutes during the swing, otherwise you may have trouble mastering the technique if the correct muscle groups aren’t being used, and also not get any benefits from the exercise.

A weight that’s too heavy for the swings is can have negative impacts and can result in lower back injuries.
One on one kettlebell instructions are also available especially for beginners. We recommend at least 2 half our sessions if you’re struggling with the techniques.

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