You can mix and match gym classes to suit your individual goals, or speak to our trainers about how the classes can be tailored to help with your specific aims.

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Gym classes - boxing - Function Force gym


With a focus on technique, whether you are a beginner or a pro you’ll pick up some tips to improve your boxing, whilst boosting your fitness.
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Gym classes - circuit - Function Force gym


A high paced strength and conditioning class which features a large variety of exercises.
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Gym classes - kettlebells - Function Force gym


A high intensity weightlifting workout that’s ideal for strengthening your whole body.
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Gym classes - Run Tech and Run Fit - Function Force gym

Run Tech and Run Fit

Everyone can run, but can you run well? This class will show you how to run with correct technique to increase speed, endurance, confidence and enjoyment.
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What is functional training?

Functional training is an approach that involves a large group of muscles working at once for a given task. This teaches the body to work efficiently with compounded movements, and builds strength and fitness holistically.

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The gym – mi casa su casa.

The gym was created specifically to be an environment that gives our clients confidence to push their boundaries. All of our equipment, expertise and resources goes in to keeping you honest, in control of your movements, and working towards your goals.

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Gym membership packages that people actually like.

No joining fees, no contracts & no cancellation fees.
Pay as you go, pay by the month, or pay per class. The choice is yours. We won’t tie you down because the only commitment you will ever need to make is to your training.

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