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Circuit training
Circuit is a high-paced strength and conditioning class
that features a large variety of exercise stations,
in our unique training environment.

What is Function Force Circuit Training Class?
Circuit class is a high paced strength and conditioning class which features up to 16 of exercise stations which include squats, pushing sleds, swinging kettlebells, tyre flips, and dead lifts. Classes are conducted in barefoot ie no shoe required
Your goal is to move your way through the circuit as quickly as you can without sacrificing your technique which we teach during the class. This involves quick transitions and unbroken reps for each strength exercise to maintain cardio while still developing muscular strength and conditioning.
Please Note: We are not a cross-fit gym and neither are our circuit classes
• Core Strength and Posture improvement
• Muscular Tone
• Weight Loss when combined with nutritionally balanced diet
• Aerobic Fitness
What You Should Expect From Your First Circuit Class
Our Circuit class is not for the faint hearted but that should not deter you from trying them out. If you are coming to our circuit for the first time, expect a challenging work out that will have you sweating right from the warm up.
• Class duration: 60 mins
• Class Size: 10 – 20 people (We have two instructors on the weekend or public holidays when we get the larger class sizes of up to 20 people)
• 10 mins warm
• 45 mins Circuit
• 5 mins Stretching
Degree Of Difficulty/Class Intensity
As mentioned above circuit training is high intensity and the degree of difficulty is also high. First timers are encouraged to pace themselves relative to their fitness levels and we also advise that you take a long term approach to learning proper exercise technique in this class which we do not expected you to have and will be taught during class.
Our circuit training class is designed to be great for those just starting out, seasoned athletes, and everyone in between. You can set your own difficulty level. Start out easy to build strength, or push harder and achieve outcomes you didn’t think were possible! We’ll set the right challenge for your ability and fitness level.

Circuit training exercises include

  • chin-ups
  • deadlifts
  • kettlebell swing
  • ab wheel
  • renegade rows


  • Tuesday 9.30-10.30am and 6.30-7.30pm
  • Thursday 9.30-10.30am and 6.30-7.30pm
  • Friday 9.30-10.30am
  • Saturday 10-11am
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