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Run Tech and Run Fit
Technique and fitness training to help
you run faster and further with
confidence and enjoyment.

Craig Moir – Function Force Runs Squad Coach

Running… Some people love it and some people well don’t. Running is one of the best ways to improve cardiovascular fitness, lose weight, and maintain a lean body weight. While there’s a lot of people out there running, very few run with the correct bio-mechanical technique that the human body was designed to do so. Many people’s poor running techniques have over the years not only resulted in injuries, but have led to the wear and tear of muscle and ligaments that have resulted in them having to give up the one form of exercise they have love.
Over the years, we have seen a lot of people walk through our doors with running related injuries that have been acquired over a prolonged period of time as a result of poor running technique and form. This has inspired us to put together a running program that not only helps people prepare for fun runs, marathons, and half marathons, but also provides them with the right strength and conditioning programs to make sure that they are strong and prepared enough to do the running they so love.

Function Force Run Club program is especially developed for those who have either never run and have set themselves the challenge of running either their first fun run, their first 5 kilometer, or marathon during this Calendar year, but don’t necessarily have the know how or the coaching support to plan do so. It’s also for those who have been running for a while, who feel that they would like to take their running to the next level, improve race time, run a longer distance, or simply just recover better from their runs.
Our Function Force Run Club features three important components that we’ve found over the years have been fundamental in getting the best out of your body for the best run.


Technique is the biggest hindrance to those who have not been properly trained. Just having the will to run is not enough. It helps to know how to run and that’s were our Run Tech classes come in.
Run Tech focuses on form and technique in a group setting that is designed to suit different fitness levels and capabilities. We use video analysis of your form to highlight areas in which you can improve. This will improve the efficiency of your running, which would hopefully result in faster and further running, with less effort.
Run Fit is all about improving your fitness and strength for running. To improve your running technique you also need to increase your musculoskeletal strength to handle the impact forces of running (6 times your body weight). The class is structured to your fitness level so depending on your ability, Craig will prescribe certain distances, times, pace and effort to improve your running strength and fitness.

Strength Training For Running

Most of the injuries acquired through running are a result of a lack of physical strength. Most people who love running, don’t often like strength training, which is a pity because it’s often the lack of strength, a weak core, and a lack of conditioning that forces them into poor running technique. Stronger and conditioned muscles would result in better and faster running. Some people are afraid that if they do strength or weight based exercises, this will result in bulking up which will then cause them to slow down. Not so. Functional strength training at Function Force results in lean but strong muscles, which are stronger and more powerful.

Boxing Cardio For Running

While boxing is not exactly running, it’s very beneficial for developing the coordination and agility of runners. It’s also a great cardio work out to help improve cardio vascular fitness for runners, especially those who maybe starting out and not yet able to increase their cardio through running long distances or faster speeds or both.

Run Coaching

The most important aspect of our running program is our run coaching. Whether you just want to know how to run, run faster and more efficiently or whether you want to avoid injuries, it’s very important to be able to get constant feedback on how you’re running and what steps you need to take to reach your running goals. Our Function Force Run Club provides you access to a coach who is pretty much available 24/7. Not only will we assess your current running technique, but we will also develop an individual plan to get you to where you want to go with your running.

The coaching will include race preparations for those wanting to run a specific race including Marathons. As well as that, you will share your runs with equally minded individuals in our program.

Our Initial Run Club Cost and commitment is $400.00 for 8 weeks. Once you’ve completed the 8 weeks, you can remain on the program and for a month membership of $200.00

We have limited spaces for our Function Force Run Club, with a maximum of 12 participants.

Exercises include

  • form training
  • intervals
  • tempo


  • Run Fit – Monday 6.30-7.30pm
  • Run Tech – Saturday 9.00-9.45am
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